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What payment method we accept?

If you would like to place an order via our official website, you can pay directy with cryptocurrency, such as USDT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC & Kaspa If you would like to pay via bank wire transfer, West Union, etc., please contact our sales staff to get the detail information.

Do I have to pay for my order at the time of placing the order?

Yes, as the price of miner machines would be flustrating everyday, we do recommend customers to settle the payment on time, so that we can lock the goods for you directly.

Can I pay for my order in instalments?

We do not provide installments. You need to pay the whole amount.

Can I pay directly from my crypto exchange account or only use a wallet?

Yes, of course, you can use your account of any crypto exchange or any wallet to pay for order.

Do I need to pay VAT or import taxes (customs duties) when ordering from MinerValley?

We do shop all our packages with DDP Shipping, meaning our website prices contain ALL the fees to reach your doorstep. Delivery Duties Paid is a shipping method where we take care of all the possible fees to avoid you paying anything after you paid for your order at MinerValley.

Are there any other fees?

Shipping costs, import sales tax and customs duties are included in the price. There are no additional costs.

Where do you ship the goods from?

All the miners are stored in our warehouses in Hong Kong, USA & Poland. We will choose the right shipping location for you according to your requirements.

How long will it take for an order to ship & delivery?

We ship orders within two business days. Delivery time for items in stock is 5-8 days. Europe, USA and Canada up to 5 days. Other countries up to 8 days.

How much are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs are already included in the price of any item.

Which country can we ship to?

We can ship our products all over the world, and for those countries where it is more difficult to clear customs, such as Thailand or Russia, we do double customs clearance and door-to-door service.

How long will it take for an order to ship pre orders?

For the pre orders, the final shipment schedule will be subject to the factory, we will arrange the shipment within 1-2 days after the manufacturer release the goods.

Who are your shipping partners?

FedEx and UPS are our main delivery partners who help us ship miners to our customers through air cargo.
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